I have always found Matt Damon, although a great actor, to be boring.  But a recent interview in the Hollywood Reporter has changed my mind.

Matt Damon

This is good, just not for the rest of his life

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Let me start, as I often do in real life, with an apology. It’s been a long time since I last managed to get myself together and write. I’d like to tell you I have really good excuses, but the truth is that my only passable excuse is for this past week.

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This weekend, I was just surfing along on the web before bed, minding my own business, when up pops up a weird warning.

“Your computer has been infected!” it flashed, detailing that I was now at risk for spyware, for my passwords and private data to be stolen, and for god-knows-what-else to happen. Basically, this virus was going to fuck my shit up, and my computer-savvy doesn’t really extend beyond extensive knowledge of useless blogs and the uncanny ability to find almost any tv show streaming online. Continue Reading »

You read the news right?

You’ve heard about the earthquake in Chile, the devastation, the destruction which has affected a huge part of the country. It was a stronger earthquake then that which hit Haiti earlier this year, although Chile was more able to handle the disaster; there is after all a difference between developing and Haiti, in a class of its own in the Western Hemisphere.

Government response has been swift, and fairly effective. It seems like things in much of the country where buildings and people where unaffected are now returning to usual; I know this is the case for a Chilean friend of mine, he is headed back to university classes on Monday.

Here is what I am wondering, is it OK for me to go to Chile this summer as a tourist?
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Apparently, John Kerry and a few other Democratic (and one Independent) Senators have elected to support homosexuals who want to donate blood. The 27-year-old ban began in the late seventies at the beginning of the AIDS crisis, in order to “protect” people from getting blood contaminated with the virus. Since then, checking blood has become mandatory (wasn’t it already?) and thus nobody is getting any extra protection from this blind generalization. In other words, stop discriminating against me, you fucks.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m effing terrified of needles and will probably never donate blood regardless of if the ban is lifted. Also worth noting is that I could always just, like, lie about my sexual history? You know, if I wanted to.

Still, the point is, nobody should be allowed to tell me or others that we cannot donate blood except ourselves. So, if the bill should get to a public vote, you know… Vote yes. And I’ll try to think of another excuse not to donate.

The most interesting fact about the donation ban is that lesbians are still allowed to donate blood. It’s only gay men (or the female mates of bisexual men) that are banned. Also, they seem to think it’s not blind discrimination if they’re only banning men who have acted upon their urges, but I think that’s also how some “Christians” justify hating homosexuals: “I don’t hate the person; I hate the act,” etc. (As if they’re smart enough to use a semi-colon properly…).

Now, I’ll be the first to admit: I’m capable of watching a lot of crap on TV. Sometimes, you’re in the mood for something meaty, and sometimes, you just want brain candy, but the one thing that’s always a must – a strong female character. A confident, capable, smart woman, especially if she drives the plot, can make all the difference in whether I watch the show or not. In fact, it often does.

But I thought I’d start this series of posts on an unexpected note, since there will be plenty of time for me to wax rhapsodic about my love for Veronica Mars later on (seriously, I’m not exaggerating. My camera – by far the most expensive thing I own – is named Veronica).

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A Day in the Life

Ever wondered what it’s like to be one of the gays? Now, you don’t have to! From now on, I will be irregularly talking about my experiences as a homo and how I see them. First up on the list is that of conversing with straight females. The following is a pretty standard conversation, and what you’ve all be doing wrong so far. Continue Reading »